Choosing the perfect partner to spend the rest of your days is the biggest decision of your life. And, as you take on the great challenge of planning the start of this new stage, you will realize: it will be as exciting as complex. But, especially as a bride, it can also be emotional, fun and entertaining.

Creating a memorable wedding will require help, patience, and perseverance. The talent of an expert team might be just what you need, as they can take care of every detail. So breath deeply, relax and take it step by step.


After asking wedding guests for the most memorable aspect of the weddings they have attended, the winner by far was “The Venue.”

Riviera Nayarit offers an astonishing background and sunsets for beach wedding venues. And, once you have the location, the perfect place will be easy to find.

Marival Hotels offer the best wedding venues. With facilities as beautiful as they are adaptable, your wedding at the Marival Hotels can be exactly as you have always dreamed of.


The food was the second most memorable thing about weddings. It has to be delicious, but it also has to be perfectly presented. Options for special dietary needs have to be available. It can be more complicated than you imagined.

Marival Hotels make it easy for you. You can choose from our options of delicious dishes with the highest quality standards for your beach wedding. Also, the wide variety of options will make sure the bride, the groom and the all guests enjoy every bite.


Although in third place, the service is the key to a perfect beach wedding. If it is flawless, no one will notice. But if it’s not, you might not be able to enjoy your wedding as much as you would like.

As experts in beach weddings, the Marival Hotels’ catering team has years of experience and qualifications that will ensure every detail is well though and taken care of.


A beach wedding will need a place to stay for you and your guests. And everyone has different preferences and needs, especially the bride. The hotel you stay at will influence deeply the experience of your beach wedding.

With a wide variety of rooms, residences, and villas to choose from, Marival Hotels has options for all your guests and even… special accommodations for the bride and groom! The beach, the first-class facilities and the activities available will make your beach wedding even better than you dreamed of.


The only downside of a wedding planner is the price. But with Marival Hotels, it’s not even a problem! Your beach wedding at our hotels will include a wedding planner with expertise and ready to make it all perfect. No problems and no worries so you can enjoy the best day of your life.

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